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A Therapeutic Service Specialising in working with 

Children & Adolescents who have experienced 

Abuse and Trauma 


Butterflies is a Therapeutic Service based in East Sussex working with Children, Young People and families that have experienced Abuse and Trauma in their lives. 


Our ethos is that we provide a Child Centred Practice underpinned by Articles 12 & 13 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, which are crucial for children to develop their full potential.


Our therapeutic approach is grounded in the use of creative therapeutic based techniques, i.e.: sand tray, clay, storytelling, painting, puppets and games in supporting children and young people to communicate.  We also use Equine Assisted Therapy/Learning and the CATT Technique when working with PTSD and Complex PTSD.


Butterflies recognises the challenges and difficulties families can experience when a child or young person is in therapy and provide support both emotionally and practically when needed or asked for


At times Butterflies may due to Safeguarding concerns work within the 'Team around the Child (TAC)' Approach which brings together different agencies and includes parents/carers/guardians into one meeting where there are concerns about a child or a family.


The purpose of the meeting is to identify areas of need, identify support services already in place and what other support for the child or family may be required and agree an Action Plan. 

The child or young person is at the centre of our work and the focus of the meetings at all times, if the child or young person is not attending Butterflies will advocate and 'be the voice for the child' 


Butterflies accepts referrals from various agencies such as Independent Foster Care Agencies, Children & Families Social Services both East Sussex and out of county, CAMHS, GP’s, Schools and other family services.  Families can contact us directly and make a referral for their child independent of any agency.

Our qualified therapists together bring a vast amount of clinical experience working with children and young people

Butterflies is an Organisational Member of The National Counselling Society 

Safe and Ethical practice is a priority. Butterflies adheres to the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) Ethical Framework and all therapists undertake training in safeguarding procedures, are Insured and are DBS advanced checked

*BACP - British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy



The Children's Act 1989 provides a comprehensive framework for the care and protection of children. ... The Children's Act 2004 supplemented the 1989 Act and reinforced the message that all organisations working with children have a duty in helping safeguard and promote the welfare of children

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