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Therapeutic & Mental Health Services 

Our sessions for children and young people start daily from

10 am with the last session offered at 5pm 

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Individual Counselling

Our counsellors work with children and young people to assist them with explore their concerns utilising creative & play techniques alongside talking therapy enabling positive change through choice and emotional development.

Working to increase 'Resilience and ability to manage life challenges positively.   ​


Children's Accelerated Trauma - CATT

As recognised by NICE (National Institute of Clinical Excellence) 

CATT is an internationally applied and well-established child-centred technique for treating developmental trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The technique uses an arts/play based approach, underpinned by neurobiological theory.

 Adult Counselling 

A counselling service provided by counsellors on placement. 

An assessment is offered - Fees apply 

If following the assessment we agree to work together you will be offered 10 free sessions 

Additional sessions after the 10 sessions contribution fees apply 



Individual Emotional Wellbeing Sessions

At Butterflies we recognise that not every child or young person  wants or needs therapeutic intervention they need support to explore and find a solution to day to day worries.  


Sessions offered with our qualified Mental Health Practitioners 

Sessions are for 45 minutes 
8 - 13 years  - Fees apply

14 - 21 years - Fees apply 

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Individual Equine Emotional Wellbeing Sessions

Being around and handling horses can offer incredible benefits to young people dealing with mental health issues. Being around horses has been proven to reduce our stress levels.

Sessions are for 45 minutes - fees apply

Saturdays only from April through to the end of September 



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