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Accessing Butterflies Therapy Service

Service Provision Criteria

  • Aged between 5 and 18 years

  • Willing and emotionally able to attend sessions

  • Parental / Carer consent has been given 


Referral Process

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  • Request Referral Forms, once completed send back to Clinical Lead    

  • Parent meeting will be arranged where further information relating to the child/young person will be taken 

  • Arrange the initial 1/2 hour meeting with child/young person

  • Booking of therapy sessions - a minimum block of 6 sessions, a review will take place on session 4 to establish if therapeutic goals have been met and work towards the planned ending at session 6, or if therapy is to continue 


There may be times when due to the complexity of the referral that the Assessment process may take longer to complete, when this happens our Clinical Lead will keep referrer, parent/guardian/carer, child/young person (if appropriate) informed. 

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